Strategic partnership Ukraine-United Kingdom: logistics, socio-economic and tourism opportunities

Today the theme of Ukraine-UK partnership is one of the most topical not only within the real estate market, but also in global political, social and economic areas of activity. This is a mutually beneficial exchange of resources, knowledge, aspirations and coordination of the activities of companies of the two states. Such partnership is especially important for Ukraine, as a basis for improving the quality of doing business, social, economic and cultural life of the population.

It is toward this end, Telman Abbasov had a meet with the representative of Great Britain, Mr. Jonathan Price, and discussed the basic principles and possibilities of the future strategic partnership of the companies of the two countries.

The most important and discussed issue of the meeting was the investment project “Space&Earth” - the creation of a priority sub-regional development area in the form of a satellite city with a developed infrastructure. In the opinion of Telman Abbasov, there is a strategic asset is needed, which will be a magnet for economic growth not only in a specific region, but also in the country and the population in general. So as a main strategic asset, it is planned to build a world entertainment and research underwater and space city-park, where real people can explore the space and underwater world using special simulators, and the world`s leading scientists can carry our studies and test their inventions.

We would like to note that the value of such a project is extremely important for Ukraine, since this is an amazing opportunity to attract billions of dollars in investments to the country, which will contribute to the growth of economic development, give a powerful impetus for the development of the space and shipbuilding industry and, also, will help to attract experts and specialists from all over the world. Ukraine may become the first country in the world, where such a large-scale project with an innovative approach to the concept of city building will be implemented. This is a great opportunity for the British government to consider Ukraine as a potential alternative for UK independent investment strategy and to contribute not only to the development of Ukraine as a country as a whole, but also to change the world view of innovative technologies in everyday life and cultural development of people.

Telman Abbasov predicts that entering to the Black Sea basin with the help of an innovative city-satellite becomes a logistics, strategic, trade and tourist center of direct global importance and provides excellent opportunities for both Ukraine and Great Britain as a participant and partner of this project. Judge for yourself, the UK logistics industry is ran into big problems: the COVID-pandemic and Brexit have led to the fact that more than 80 thousand citizens of the European Union countries have left the UK over the past 12 months. Therefore, the discussed strategic partnership with Ukraine will give a powerful impetus to launch a new institutional and organizational alliance.

In conclusion, we would like to note that Mr. Abbasov signed a preliminary partnership agreement in the aforementioned cooperation. Now, negotiations are underway on obtaining the necessary territory for the Earth&Space project and its future implementation. And another great news is that Mr. Abbasov was able to attract the Jacques Rougerie Foundation (France) and Jacques Rougerie, a French architect-oceanographer specializing in underwater habitats, with whom a Memorandum of Cooperation has already been signed, as well as world experts of the international federation FIABCI were involved to this project too.

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