Real estate - a luxury or one of the basic human needs

All my life I have devoted to working with real estate. But for me, real estate has always been more than just an object of a sale-purchase bargain. I always tried to find philosophic approach to my work, to understand the psychology of the subjects of such a complicated market as the real estate.

We all know that for leading a full life and conducting any kind of activity, we need water, food, shelter, and so on, explicitly described by the American psychologist Abraham Maslow in his theory of needs or, as it is also called, the theory of hierarchies.

As it seems to me, in his theory Maslow has reflected the essence and "order” of origin of these or that needs very clearly and correctly. As a result, the order, according to which certain needs arise and are met, affects not only the lives of individuals, but also entire communities, nations and states. With the evolution of humanity, accommodation rightfully occupies special position in this pyramid. But at what level is it possible to reflect the nature of this need most accurately?

For instance, if we take a person who moves to another city for some reason, then accommodation can stand in a line with the lowest, physiological level. If we consider the option when a person works in heavy industry or solves difficult problems in regard to his professional activities, then dwelling turns out to be the second-level need. In this case, the "dwelling" becomes a place where you realize the need for rest, comfort and security.

Also, real estate can become the need in several levels of the top of the pyramid at once. This is possible when the real estate object is directly connected with investment activity, as a valuable resource which aims at making a profit.

The ability of real estate to satisfy several needs of a person at a time, makes one realize the significance of such a resource and how important it is to understand correctly and in due time how to use it.

That is why, since ancient times architects, builders, engineers and designers have practiced their skills in creating unique structures that could glorify their creators, show the power and greatness of the state or simply give a new level of life comfort.

Palaces and castles, skyscrapers and small cozy houses, huge and small shopping centers - all is a part of one entity. It lives and functions according to its unique laws. But knowing these laws is not only about enjoying the benefits of real estate, but also multiplying these benefits, and meet your own needs and the needs of others.

Ignorance of these laws leads to tragic consequences. Suffice it to recall the collapse of the US real estate market in 2005-2006, the consequences of which affected almost every person in this world. Due to careless handling of the credit system and real estate, first of all a huge number of people in the United States lost their homes, investments and capitals, spreading like a domino-effect all across the world.

It is well known fact, that a person can learn on his mistakes and this is one of our biggest advantages. Long years of hard work to restore the situation give a result, and now, we can state that real estate has again gained its relevance as an object not only of the lower levels of demand, but also the tops of the Maslow pyramid.

Long years of sophisticated cogitations on real estate from the point of view not as an object but as one of the basic human needs awakens to the idea of establishing a single global system that could create a direct "gateway" between people and real estate as such. This idea has formed the basis of my project METRUMCOIN, which, I hope, will be able to bring the entire real estate market to a new stage of evolution, simplify, secure and facilitate for an ordinary person. Only time will tell, if my thoughts turned out to be correct.

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