Collaboration article

Just recently, the Regional Development Agency began its work in Odessa region, the Head of the Expert Council of which I am, and which is intended to become an effective project office in the region and to become a key element of decentralization. Odessa region should effectively use its potential and resources for development, should become a particularly comfortable and important center for attracting Ukrainian and international investments, which will contribute to the development of the economy not only of Odessa region, but also of Ukraine in general.

I am honored to be the initiator of the Memorandum of Understanding and Partnership, concluded between Regional Development Agency and the International Real EstateFederation of Professionals FIABCI. Such cooperation is strategically important and will productive for Odessa region, since world accredited experts in the sphere of architecture, construction, ecology will be involved to the work of the Agency, the creation and implementation of investment projects. Such experts are not only the whales of investment and construction projects, but also UN participants, whocancomplete projects of Odessa and the region to the ideal international level. Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Republic of China Taiwan, France, and this is not the whole list of countries from which experts will be attracted for the Agency's activities in work of the development of Odessa region. Among other things, I believe that such cooperation can raise the level of qualifications of Ukrainian specialists and participants of small and medium-sized businesses, since, according to the terms of the Memorandum, experts will carry out assessments, consultations, give comments, reviews and actively participate in the development of the region.

Now, in the condition of innovation and globalization time, it is more important for Ukraine than ever to have a strong international partner nearby in order to gain new knowledge, experience, opportunities, develop and change the Law, tailored it to the New era of information technology and providing comfortable conditions for doing business and for the life of the population in general. And FIABCI became such a partner.

And I am sure that together with our strong team we will be able to achieve success in realizing common purchases and interests, not only for the benefit of the development of our Odessa region with great potential and exceptional opportunities, but I would like to believe that for the benefit of the whole country and its every country`s total population.

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